The Great Space Race

Teams use lateral thinking, physical dexterity and teamwork to solve problems to create and launch a giant rocket.

1 - 2 Saatler
Açık alan
Rekabetçi / Katılımcı
8 - Sınırsız


In the Great Space Race, teams are faced with a series of challenges placed inside specially designed aluminium capsules. Within the capsules are tasks, tests and puzzles that will require lateral thinking, physical dexterity and teamwork to solve. The challenges are as diverse as they are difficult. One capsule is completely dark inside – find the UV light to reveal a circuit board to be repaired. A laptop computer and radios are found in another capsule – vital tools to track down lost rocket components. Another capsule has a maze of laser beams that the teams have to negotiate though to defuse and safely extract an unexploded mine. A dangerously contaminated capsule contains a leaking fuel cell that needs to be stabilised and retrieved. Other capsules present even more physical, mathematical and scientific challenges. For each completed challenge, the teams earn credits that can be used to purchase rocket launch components. When all the teams combine their efforts and the components come together, the countdown begins and the launch of a huge rocket takes place.

Öğrenme ve gelişim sonuçları

Flexible for any duration or location, The Great Space Race is all about teamwork, as it will take the combined physical and mental effort of everyone to succeed. With a variety of question types from mental, active, innovative, creative, lateral thinking and the like, there is something for everyone. Tests and puzzles require lateral thinking, physical dexterity and teamwork to solve. In The Great Space Race, individuals learn to recognise their own strengths and appreciate the diverse skills of others in their team. Trust builds as challenges are completed successfully building a feeling of oneness in the team.

The final collaborative activity brings the whole group together to celebrate collective success.

Yönetim personelimizin inovatif ve yaratıcı düşünceye sahip olmaları, endüstrimiz için hayli önem taşımaktadır. The Great Space Race bizi çoğu zaman oyunun çok ötesine götüren inanılmaz bir deneyimdi.

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